Surgical Strike

Mission profile: The mission profile for Dr Danger’s first coffee, Surgical Strike, is to compete in the world championship stand up surfing race. Here’s what you’ll face. First you have to balance on a 17 foot long board just a little more than two feet wide in wild open seas. Next you have to cross what is called the most dangerous ocean passage on earth, the Kaivi channel, paddling as hard as you can for six or more more hours. Swells can reach over 20 feet. Sustained winds of 20 knots are accentuated by gusts up to 50 miles an hour. You have wind swell, big ocean swell, storm swell plus waves ricocheting off the Hawaiian islands. If all goes well you surf down the faces of enormous swells, reaching speeds that seem terrifying. At the end of the race you face the china wall, where tremendous waves crash high into the air. Once turning the corner toward the finish, the harbor can completely close out as it did this year with a spectacular South Swell, meaning you have to surf to the finish on double overhead high waves that you either surf to victory or end up as a garage sale with your equipment strewn all over the harbor.

I found that Dr Danger was the perfect fuel for the race. Caffeine unleashes fat as a fuel for sustained endurance. The high phenol levels help to cut the tremendous amounts of oxidants and inflammation that are produced during intense and sustained exercise. Phenols also balance caffeine to kill excess buzz and give you smooth energy. I drink three cups before racing. IF you want to feel amazing and perform at your best, consider a cup of Dr Danger Coffee, surgical strike. Also consider dr danger hard core.