Better Beans

At Dr Danger we have scoured the earth for coffee beans which have the very best traits and then found the very best way of growing and preparing them. We’ve taken out the maps to find the finest estates on earth. Seasoned buyers surveyed the land, farming and preparatory practices, then cupped the coffees looking for spectacular taste. Then we subjected these beans to rigorous analytical laboratory testing to find coffees with the very highest levels of good for you ingredients as you’ll read in seed to cup. Although the precise location remains classified, our beans are growing Volcanic soils at the highest altitudes. The intense ultraviolet light, cold and cloud cover challenge the bean to be the very best that it can. Our High performance liquid chromatography testing helps us choose the best of the best. Within a single coffee growing town, one state can produce beans over 100% better than another. Just as anti oxidant levels are used to measure the freshness of fruits and vegetables, these have proven to be an excellent marker of taste and quality in beans. In fact those beans which scored highest on our tests were the ones who also scored the very highest marks on the premier coffee review site.Coffee_bean_transparent

Liquid Chromatography: This sophisticated technique allows our scientists to measure each of the thousands of ingredients in coffee in parts per million.. For instance, we have focused on chlorogenic acids in coffee. Our lab director is able to measure these in each green bean and then evaluate the effect of the roasting process to find the best possible roast which develops stunning flavors and still preserves as much CGA as possible. We have found a staggering difference in coffees. The most telling results show that coffee prepared from the the highest quality beans using the very best growing practices in the perfect geographical location of matches perfectly with he highest amount of CGAs. We use LC to refine the process of determining precise roasting conditions and brewing techniques. The chlorogenics act like carbonation does for sodas giving it extra freshness and snap.

Cupping: Each of our coffees has been carefully tasted by some of the best baristas and coffee tasters in the world in formal cupping tests. Some of these are Sommeliers who developed phenomenal pallets tasting the world’s best wines and can detect subtle tastes and aromas in coffees. First and foremost these are GREAT coffees.