Big Benefit Coffee Health

Big Benefit Coffee: Feeling GREAT about drinking spectacular coffee Finally! You can remove all the doubt and feel really terrific about your morning cup of coffee knowing it’s really good for you. By drinking Dr Danger, we hope you’ll feel sharper, healthier and physically more energetic than you have in years while helping make the world a better place. Reason? Better beans, bigger benefits.

For many Americans, drinking coffee may be the singles healthiest activity they undertake in any given day, if its the RIGHT coffee. Coffee has the largest anti inflammatory load of any food or beverage consumed in the American diet with the greatest concentration of polyphenols as you can see in this chart: We have tested coffees for around the world and across the shelves of major supermarkets across the country. Our coffees have up to 400% more polyphenols than what you may purchase off the shelf and that means big benefits!