Roast Technology™

Beans are roasted to accomplish several basic tasks. Roasting develops the sugars, aromas and fats in coffee that give it its flavors.
We have carefully engineered roast profiles to extract the highest amount of anti oxidant and anti inflammatory components while just enough to develop these sugars and flavors in coffee that make them such a great joy to consume. These roast profiles include proprietary temperature, speed of temperature ramp up and time of roast to prepare a bean that is perfectly engineered while maximizing the of healthiest ingredients for you and minimizing those which may inhibit these benefits.

We have carefully roasted our beans in 10 degree increments to look for temperatures which preserved the maximum amount of antioxidants and still delivered great flavor Taste Engineering: Consumer experience with healthy products is that they often don’t taste very good. Think back to the first generation soggy healthy cereals loaded with fiber and weird natural sweeteners! So coffee too has long been sold on taste alone as opposed to benefit. In fact there are entire taste testing laboratories dedicated to finding the perfect cup. However, using our taste technology, we are able to get even closer to the perfect taste, aroma, body and flavor for an out of this world brew while also delivering the maximum health benefits. The closer you come to perfection in growing and processing beans, the better the coffee tastes .