Saving the world while saving the planet

Saving the World while saving the planet: I’ve spent my whole adult life supporting work in the developing world, as a board member for wonderful organizations like Save the Children and the UN High Commission for refugees, as a correspondent for major news organizations like NBC and CBS News during crisis from the Gulf wars to the Rwandan genocide and finally as a physician who has treated patients on the from lines of wars and disaster in the Middle East, Asia an Africa. As a member of these organizations, we always looked for a way to sustain development by establishing agricultural projects and small businesses, rather than creating communities dependent on donor dollars. That’s why coffee is a dream come true in the developing world. This is a high value crop which is sustainable from one generation to the next. So as you enjoy your morning coffee, think of all the good you are doing by supporting hard working families around the globe to make a real future for themselves by building schools, clinics homes and better lives. Economically successful societies provide the jobs, education and opportunity that create successful countries, free from terrorism and civil strife. They become reliable Allies of the U.S. And bolster our security worldwide. IN our worldwide search, we have found beans of incredible quality. This is no accident. The farmers with the best beans also take incredible pains to be certain they have the best soil, farming methods, preparation and even packing. We’re strong believers in paying them for their extra efforts so that they too are rewarded. You may notice higher prices for some of our coffees, but remember we are passing this on to the farmer and to development. By using advanced scientific testing, we are able to find the finest bean preparation on earth and reward those farmers by paying a premium for these coffees. While few farmers benefit as much as they should for their efforts, we fully support rewarding better agricultural practices with premium prices that directly benefit the farmer and visit the best estates across Africa.

Donations: For the last several years we have sponsored an orphanage in Kikuyu Kenya and help to pay tuitions for deserving students without resources. We aredonating 10% of our profits to the orphanage and investing in our key growing communities.

Saving the planet: Great agriculture practices help to preserve the planet and your health. That means developing farming land free of pesticides, land which is continuously enriched and preserved. Most important, Coffee trees capture carbon from the atmosphere to combat global warning. As an example modeling shows that a coffee farm could capture 5.3 mega grams of carbon per hectare. 1 While slash and burn has destroyed millions of acres of forest throughout the Amazon and in the heart of Africa, plating coffee helps to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere and the threat of global.