Smooth Energy™

As coffee drinkers, we all love caffeine, but too much causes symptoms. This starts with a buzz, then jitteriness and even anxiety.

Our Dr Danger missions took nerves of steel, where the crew needed tremendous energy but could never afford to get rattled. That’s why we developed “smooth” energy with lots of long lasting energy without the caffeine Buzz that can land you in a lot of hot water quickly as we learned meeting with would be pirates, armed to the teeth, on the coast of Somalia. Remaining cool was everything. We found smooth energy by choosing coffees with very high phenol contents.

Scientific papers show how the phenols block some of the effects of caffeine to kill the buzz and build smooth energy. Phenols have incredible anti inflammatory anti oxidant properties . These anti oxidants are like having built in fire extinguishers, dousing the tremendous amount of free radicals and inflammation generated by exercise to fuel my best workouts ever and protect against exercise-induced muscle damage. I swear one big reason the East African runners are so fast is that they fuel themselves on the high altitude, phenol super rich coffees.

We've chosen coffees from East Africa as our best performance fuels.