Dr Danger Mission Profile

Dr Danger visited the most dangerous places and people on earth including “no go” areas that the UN calls “black zones” revealing the plight of the world’s most troubled and endangered population to television audiences Somalia and Afghanistan topped the list.

As a physician, humanitarian and journalist, Dr Bob Arnot, AKA Dr Danger, spent decades in the most dangerous parts of the world. As Chief Medical Correspondent for NBC Today, Dateline and Nightly News and as Chief Foreign Correspondent for MSNBC, Dr Bob brought valuable health information into the households of millions.

Today Dr Bob has discovered the enormous benefits of the world’s best coffees and has in many of the same areas of Africa and the Middle East where he worked as a correspondent and humanitarian. Dr Bob has leveraged those connections to find the world’s best best Beans and to give back to these communities. As Dr Bob says, Coffee may be the best thing most of us do for ourselves every day…and to help much of the developing world You can watch both seasons of Dr Danger on Amazon Prime.

And African documentaries on the crisis in Darfur, the health catastrophe in Southern

Sudan and solutions to world hunger.